Traditional and NextGen Experts: Webinar this Thursday

ITMPI Webinar this Thursday, October 18 at 11  a.m.

The IT Metrics and Productivity Institute is featuring a webinar on Retaining Expert Knowledge this Thursday, October 18. In it, we’ll focus on the difference between Traditional and NextGen experts, and the value that they bring to your organization individually and together.

Register at this link. I hope to see you there!

For the Next 2 Weeks, Read Retaining Expert Knowledge Online

My publisher, Taylor & Francis, is doing a trial program for people to read books online so you can try before you buy. T&F’s  C&C imprint publishes professional and academic books. As part of this initiative, it is making new books available for a limited time so that potential institutional and corporate buyers are able to see the product before they buy.

Below are ways readers have been able to use the promotional advance glimpse at the book:
❏         Request their library purchase a copy
❏         Consider the book for course adoption or further reading
❏         Cite the book in future publications
❏         Share the link with their own network to widen dissemination
❏         Consider writing a book review on amazon or for a journal

I am happy to be able to offer this opportunity to my email list. Let me know if you use the link so we can ask for similar opportunities again.


Click here to read Retaining Expert Knowledge.


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