Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and Presentations - off-the-shelf or customized for your business needs

Finding Your SMEs: Capturing corporate knowledge working with your subject matter experts – A 2 1/2-hour workshop to help you find and capture internal knowledge from your retiring experts today.

This workshop has 3 components:
1. Pre-workshop needs analysis and consult
2. Half-day workshop with managers and unit leaders
3. Follow-up to create your Organizational Survival Map

Also available as a DIY training kit for your organization. Contact us for pricing and options.

When Your SME Goes Live – A train-the-trainer workshop. Available as a training template including powerpoint slides and a facilitator’s guide to incorporate into your existing training program. May be customized and presented as a workshop for your team.

Getting The Best From Your Best: How to Work With Your Subject Matter Experts – A 2-hour workshop with practical tips, tools and checklists for capturing knowledge from your critical employees. Based on the book Working With SMEs.