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Peggy Salvatore

Writer & Author | Speaker | Training Consultant

Are you a business owner trying to preserve what’s the best of the past while preparing for the promise of the future? If so, you aren’t alone. Many businesses are watching their legacy talent walk out the door for retirement or just a better opportunity…and it is making them nervous. So, know you aren’t alone…

  • If you want to work with your internal subject matter experts to capture their knowledge but you don’t know how…
  • If you are a corporation trying to decide what to preserve and whether it is worth saving…
  • And especially if you are looking to an uncertain but promising future in the New Economy and wondering what how your current business will thrive by leveraging what you’ve already got under your roof…

…then you’ve arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.

My name is Peggy Salvatore, and I help subject matter experts and the people who work with them figure out what is important to save, and how to preserve that knowledge right now while you’ve still got it under your roof.  If that’s you, this means you can have a plan to determine what you need to save, how to save it and how to transfer it to your workers tomorrow.

My Story

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working first as a journalist for a small town newspaper where I cut my teeth covering the 1988 Republican National Convention. That foray into politics led me to work for a health policy advisor to Ronald Reagan where I spent several years as her main writer. I had the opportunity to be on the pharmaceutical industry’s Y2K White House Task Force that advised the Clinton-Bush 2 transition team about the Y2K risk. From that opportunity, I took what I learned about health policy and started to work for a new sales training business that built some of the original computer-based training programs in managed care for the pharmaceutical industry and finally moved into training in manufacturing and Lean.

I’ve also written and published several books, including:

I’ve written hundreds of articles first as a daily journalist and now as a training and writing consultant focused on the promise of the New Economy. I enjoy working one-on-one with clients where we learn together what works for them. In those experiences, I am able to help a lot more people, and have a bigger impact, by putting my knowledge and experience into blogs, books, workshops, webinars and training programs.

There’s no end to the way we can learn how to leverage the best of what your company has done to become the best that it can be in an exciting and growing future.

I Love to Help Businesses and People Capture their Best Thinking for Business Continuity…

and I’d Like to Do that for You Too

I’m incredibly lucky. I have always loved learning, and today I have codified the art of preserving corporate knowledge into a system that I can share.

I have three wonderfully grown children and live in the Northeast U.S. corridor between Philadelphia and New York City. I am available to travel to your business and enjoy learning from customers around the world.

Ways I Can Help You for Free

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re new here. I believe the best way to start a new relationship is by giving. That’s why on this site I give away an incredible amount of free, useful content. Most of what you find in my books, you will find here in my blog first.

You can subscribe to receive my weekly blog to your inbox by filling out your email list next to the blog. Read the posts on this site. I have written nearly a hundred different articles on all aspects of identifying experts, capturing their knowledge, assessing your business need for expertise and all aspects of working with subject matter experts.

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