Valuable organizational expertise is retiring!  And, chances are, it’s affecting your organization.  Join us to learn how to identify and manage the issue of retaining your corporate expertise for business continuity.  Using case studies, Peggy Salvatore, author of Working with SMEs and Finding Your SMEs, will guide you through how to analyze your corporate brain drain.  Case studies will include the pharmaceutical industry as well as the manufacturing industry and small business – a sampling of the organizations dealing with the loss of critical knowledge as the generation of workers that built your business retires.

 You will walk away with some strategies for ensuring you’re retaining what’s most important while not spending resources on information you can recapture in other ways.  The time is now – the corporate brain drain can be, at the least, disruptive and, at worst, catastrophic.  It’s critical you learn to how to deal with the loss of your organizational expertise.  Come learn and engage in this interactive session!

This event will emphasize “Knowledge Management” – TD Area of Expertise, ATD Competency Model (

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Date: May 9, 2017
Time: 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Event: Retaining Corporate Knowledge: How to Stop the Corporate Brain Drain
Topic: How to Stop the Corporate Brain Drain
Sponsor: ATD Mid NJ
Venue: Salt Creek Grille
Location: Princeton Forrestal Village, 1 Rockingham Row
Princeton, NJ 08540
Public: Public
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Corporate Advisory Council Conference

Twice a year dozens of professionals in the field of e-learning travel to Bloomsburg Pennsylvania to attend the Department of Instructional Technology and Institute for Interactive Technologies’ (IIT) Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) Conference.

The three-day event provides corporate professionals with an opportunity to see the latest in e-learning software, learn the latest thinking about learning and to become educated in instructional technology as well as give back to the field. The event allows professionals in the field to directly interact with students who are preparing to become instructional designers and developers. The students prepare a 20 minute presentation and are then asked questions by the Corporate Advisory Council members, in turn, the students and CAC members interact, exchange ideas and learn about the field in the energetic three-day event.

Date: April 12, 2017
Time: TBD
Event: Corporate Advisory Council Conference
Topic: 3 Clear Strategies for Finding , Capturing & Transferring Retiring Expertise
Sponsor: Department of Instructional Technology and Institute for Interactive Technologies
Venue: Bloomsburg University
Location: Bloomsburg, PA
Public: Public
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Topic: Working with Subject Matter Experts: Preserving Your Irreplaceable Corporate Knowledge Today Sponsored by Computer Aid Inc.

This event will be rescheduled due to conflicts with this venue. Watch this space for new time and place details.


Date: March 30, 2017
Event: PMI Dinner Lecture Series
Topic: Preserving Your Irreplaceable Corporate Knowledge Today
Sponsor: Computer Aid Inc.
Public: Public